Free Persistence Key Wealth Builders Masterclass

2 Hours with the CEO Dr. Charles Abbey

Your Host - Christian Appiah-Knudsen

Next available class:

Saturday March 23rd 2024 @ 10 am (MST)

1443 W 800 N, Orem, UT 84057

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What you'll learn:

2 hours with the CEO Dr. Charles Abbey:

  • Business portfolios to build wealth and business legacy planning

  • What the Elites do

  • How the Elites use the 7702 accounts to build wealth and protect it.

  • Child college planing and funding

  • Retirement planning that is protected from the market crushes and annuities

  • Accounts that bypass probate

  • Legacy and estate planning

  • Income replacement for Terminal, Critical and Chronic Illnesses

  • The do's and don'ts

  • Q&A Session: Ask ALL of your questions and get answers!

This Masterclass is FREE but space is limited!!

See what our past students have to say:

Kwabena B. - Denver CO

"I attended this masterclass with skepticism, how can this be free? I am sure it will be boring... I still attended and I was amazed by the depth of knowledge into the various accounts that the CEO had. And he shared it freely. I left the class with so much that I am still wondering if it is free. I was amazed about how nobody is talking about these accounts and why everybody is doing something else. Knowledge is power indeed. Now I know how the various accounts work. Thank you Dr. Abbey."

Ernest D. - Reno Nevada

"I have been in the US for 40 years but did not know half of what I learnt at this class, I asked myself how come I have never heard about these things? I was thinking I knew enough about these things with the 401K and others but I quickly realized that it was never enough. This is worth your time! Attend it!"

Mohammed A. J. - Tennessee

"If you miss this masterclass, you will blame yourself! I almost missed it but glad I did not. I learnt so much! The rule are still engrained in my mind. Rule number 1; make money but NEVER loose money...."

Your Host:

Christian Appiah-Knudsen

The CEO and what to expect:

Dr. Charles Abbey

Persistence Key Financial Services

Charles has been sharing useful financial information and helping families and individuals in his community gain financial literacy. He believes that the is an America for the informed and an America for the uninformed. Come take his class or reach out to him to learn more about the various portfolios available to you and how you can make your American dream a reality instead of a mirage and a rat race like so many people who are struggling, you already have what you need to succeed all you need is the knowledge to organize it well.

Charles is on a mission of 'No Family Left Behind' Hoping to educate 30,000 families in the US and through that add about 30 billion dollars of legacy wealth by 2030. He does this by teaching about the US financial system and how it works, including navigating the financial portfolios for savings, investments, retirement, estate planning, living benefits and income replacement.

Charles has open slots available in his organization for part-time and full time roles in the financial services industry. Reach out and get more information,