Persistence Key Webinar

Learn all you need to know about probate court, retirement planning college funding and living benefits!

With Your Host - Charles Abbey

Next available online class:

This Sunday @ 6 pm (CST)

This is our most popular online class and space is limited. As of this morning there are only 7 spots left! Grab your spot now!

What you'll learn:

What the elites do:

  • How to bypass probate court,

  • Tax favored accounts,

  • Retirement planning,

  • College planning for your children,

  • Income replacement options if you loose your job or are sick or died,

  • Legacy and estate planning,

  • Small business strategies, protection and financial set up,

  • Compare all the available financial portfolios in the US,

  • The do's and don'ts of choosing your financial portfolios,

  • Q&A Session: Ask ALL of your questions and get answers!


See what our clients have to say:

Lewis O. - Student, Utah

"Being a bread winner for my mum and siblings in Ghana I knew I needed to be smart about steps that could help me still be able to take care of my family back home if anything happened to me. I am my family's cocoa farm and their biggest investment.

Charles explained the various options I had as a student especially the affordable ones and I was able to make a decision with the knowledge I gained and Charles guided me every step of the way. I now have the plan I am happy with. Thank you Charles!

Ernest D. - Mining Engineer Nevada

"Charles, I wanted to say thank you for sharing all that knowledge! I found it to be very informative, easy to understand and exactly what I needed to make these important decisions with confidence. I am the sole bread winner of my family here in the US and needed to be sure they could afford to stay here in the US if I could no longer work or was sick.

After setting up my plans Charles has been providing free yearly sessions to review and revise and best of all, I am able to call Charles at anytime to ask questions. The biggest quote that stuck with me is that 'Make money but never loose money'

Mohammed A. J. - Tennessee

"I took part in the Webinar. I also received the free item that was very useful in helping me make a plan that works for me and is affordable but has all the things I need. I learnt how to bypass probate, but most importantly what the elites do and how I can do the same. The webinar is very dear and I wonder why he does it for free. Before I attended the webinar I was thinking I knew enough but I was wrong and can boldly admit it now. Attend the webinar and you will be happy you did.

Your Host:

Charles Abbey


Charles has been sharing the financial knowledge he has for free with African immigrants and diasporans in the US to help them understand the financial landscape in the US. He has helped several families set up income replacement strategies so that the sole bread winners can sleep better at night knowing that their loved ones are fully covered in the case of any unforeseen situations. As Charles says: 'No Family Left Behind'

His goal is to help each person he speaks with learn and understand the various financial portfolios in the US so they make the choice themselves on which vehicles they want to use to achieve the American dream!